From the Inside

“From the Inside” is a collection of poems written by Andy Gaines in the years 1999-2000.  The poems were originally sent to Andy’s mother, Mary Gilley, who collected and archived the poems.  In the year 2011, Andy commissioned his brother-in-law Brady Clifton to provide the artwork for a possible publication of these poems.  Brady provided a king’s ransom of artwork and that’s when the project began to take shape.  Andy took the project to ArtBookBindery in Winnipeg, Manitoba to finalize the designs and to publish the poem book.  He worked closely with Michael Schacht as well as several designers from ArtBookBindery to finish the layout of the book.  It’s been a long time coming but the project is finally complete. 

The cost per book is $5 plus $3 Shipping and Handling.  If you wish to purchase a copy of “From the Inside” please click the button below.  You should receive your book within several days via U.S. Mail.


Ill-Gotten Gaines

Self-titled debut release, recorded in 2009.  Only $10, click the link below to purchase:


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